no LEGAL advice or ADVICE GIVEN ON THIS PAGE updated 7-7-17
DO NOT act on sovereign or free man processes until much time of research and study and observation.
many of these half-wits end up in prison and jail.
i after several years have not acted on many THINGS i have learned but am in slow process of it.
  refining myself as a " living man spirit embued with a name of " Todd " is the only manifest action as yet !!
MAYBE?   [:Todd-Miles :Williams] as i learn more
don't "needlessly" piss off the judges and cops !! thats over THERE and that's THEIR fruad thang !!!

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrongs look like right in their eyes." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Black’s law dictionary defines ‘sovereign’ as, “A person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested; 

a chief ruler with supreme power; a king or other ruler in a monarchy.” 

unsure as to the use and definition of the word sovereign if it be defined as under the creator ?

im ok with it ? maybe

no such thing as a sovereign citizen

i am todd living 
and  breathing on the soil and son of  the creator and prime source
not meaning anything exceptional -  as we all are sons and daughters of the creator it seems ?
my status as man breathing on land named todd dis-joined from FICTITIOUS IDENTITY "ALL CAPS NAME" is THE TRUTH
in process of reclaiming birth rights
a trust/bond is created with the ALL CAPS name - SSN is seemingly an ACCOUNT # reference
COMPANY/PERSON/INDIVIDUAL/ESTATE/TRUST/ACCOUNT/CORPORATION/ASSOCIATION/PARTNERSHIP/HUMAN BEING/CITIZEN / SLAVE  to --- free man possibly being position or positions within said trust - ie possibly via UCC-1 filing ? do non communist card carrying B.A.R. flies have legal use of using - filing copyrighted material ?
executor ? grantor ? maker ? creditor ?
trustee ? b
eneficiary ?
Perhaps ye say " you're nutz ! " ask a federal judge with some years he might actually be HONORABLE and tell you a ting r two !  ?
Get him good'n drunk he might get on a roll !! don't bring up the black dress thing !
the black dress thing "mourning the death of justice"

[illegally] using the GOV's property ie BIRTH CERTIFICATE, STATEMENT OF BIRTH, SSN without permission/authority.
needs remedy, fixing
updating regularly and used as reference for GOV wich is a corp...

i will pursue redemption process in HONOUR even if it gets me murdered or WORSE ! As i do REALize it as truth.
remedy is in the code and am going to co-operatively work with GOV wich is a corp. on this process
i am todd, not CAPITOL - IZED a blatant DEAD FICTION refering to the TRUST ACCOUNT/ESTATE
my flesh is not a financial INSTRUMENT nor have permission to use theirs.. needs correctin'

come out of that  WHORE  my people ???
perhaps her protestant daughters too ??? i won't set set foot in a 501-C dump kirk "church"

study and reference materials concerning this topic or lawful insight or truth is listed\linked below here:

Interestingly the MATRIX movie has some real parallels with our system.
roughly, if i am correct the black's law dictionary ties the words MATRIX DOCUMENT to either of the SOB STATEMENT OF BIRTH
or  BIRTH CERTIFICATE  document wich is the founding level of all your proceeding paperwork ie SSN , DRIVERSE LICENSE ,
was i BIRTHED through a CANAL AND subsequently DOC DOCKED and REGISTERED and a TRUST created out of
my estimated value yet not told about yet that can DISCHARGE DEBT , DISCHARGE CHARGES  and ???

i am not pursuing th access of that trust

Are Sovereign Citizens A Threat To The Country? Is It Illegal To Declare Yourself A Sovereign Individual? link

Do I Have To Tell - Give My Name To A Police Officer? Do I Have To Carry An Identification Card? link

What Is A Sovereign Individual? Am I A Sovereign Individual? Am I Property Of The Government? Do I Have Freedom? link

Freeman On The Land Philosophy (FOTL)! What is A Free Man On The Land? link

is the birthright of every man from the moment of his first breath until his natural death. Birthright is a term not much used in our vocabulary today. Most people would equate it with some royal lineage or maybe their right to citizenship.

It is our birthright that holds our inheritance which in turn holds all of our power, property, rights and duties; and is our single most valuable possession. Unfortunately and unwittingly, we have all been deceived into abandoning our birthright in order to assume a graven identity.

“We have all abandoned our real birthright for an abstract birth certificate.”
and SSN

Sovereign Citizens: An Introduction for Law Enforcement - PDF

i have no intent of breaking codes or laws or battling GOV the corporate entity, filling liens , suing ,  or other crap that is not HONORABLE or ILLEGAL
no interest in it -
and becuase i tell ya the truth WHY do ya hate me ?

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