there are major worldwide changes taking place
here and on my READ page
some sources that i study / listen / watch and may not be 100% accurate

transition = change    preferably peaceful equitable fair and reasonable as well as practical and moral
this is a personal/private as well as national/public and global/human emergency with seemingly few actual beneficial leaders

the first alien publicly disclosed in recent history contact might be a con / deception

as well an introduction to a false spiritual leader aka anti christ

direction = purpose process and goals ? men women with vision - ah , but what ? vision
we'll start with visions with safety and health as their purpose ! no ?

conditional    amnesty amnesty amnesty

its a matter of fact most every single one us is involved and complicit in fiat based currencies,
bogus illegitimate legal UCC statutory excuses for law - DEBT for real money of value - falsely identifying with the all CAPS name
all kinds of mental mind kontrol from absurd education to death medicine to all kinds of anti ---life liberty and the pursuit of real peace behaviors and actions
and guilty of participation/propagation/stymieing  of said in some degree

conditional amnesty - limited forgiveness - on with life affirming visions !
all forms of past crimes - evidences - claims - accusastions - etc
with exceptions
with blackmail specialist's tricks and traps being very common
as well as mind control ops and secret societies frequent mode of operations etc
these claims should be under exec ORDER that all that crap is "only" to be handled by a special judicial
group that will handle/review these matters as some are arranged situations influenced by
numerous extenuating circumstances
including but not limited to mind control influences of too many to mention here,though
various drugs including extreme sexual enhancement, scopolamine, now synthetic scopolomine,  various precisely dosed for varying length memory erasure
electromagnetic memory erasure, psychotronic, hypnotic, and subliminal influences too
as well these releases, accusations, and testimonies can very well have have a criminal motive
not to mention the person may very well have been a victim rather than a perp - in an overall orchestrated and with criminal intent
PLAN to destroy influence control stop thwart scare intimidate said person
so the only people for the stoppage of further damages shall only be sharing this with the proper authoritys specifically able to process and wisely
handle it
tyes of situations where in mind control pograms as children have been put in situations involving the killing of another child
or seeming responsible, therefore having a guilt or dark secret that can control or influence them, unlawfully.
as well thee have been documents released describing a complete studio like recording of high proflie
people at a cia brothel type place where they where slipped doses of lsd and have no idea what happened
yet saw the video, that can control or influence them, unlawfully.
end formula
purpose for this is many good folk have been intentionally blackmailed
am not referring to the habitual misconduct
i recommend u implement this assap - as the military and the higher ups can and will have your 6

the perps, the complicit leaders, the guiltiest ? - not turning - not wanna playsies yetsies
blood lettin', baby killin', cop protected B.A.R. favoured puke gonna' get kleaned
a safe controlled congenial environment secured is a wise and fair solution, perhaps multiple locations, as they have a tendency to kill one another
for this - would be co-operation, information, explanation, and the permission to passively study this grand phenomena' of congenital psychopathy and sociopathy - what is it like to torture babies ?
quite possibly possesion and or entity attachment -congrats on these 13 or so bloodlines insisting on inbreeding - IT's partially contained !!!

no order implied

real voting
asset backed currencies not just gold  - gold exists in far abundance than commonly known, allowing for massive dumping, market manipulation etc.
as well gold can now be created !
a "basket" of commodities basing/valuing currency ? possibly those national currencies  paralleling  a universal currency
aid and knowledge from other civilizations can assist in the conceptualization of benign NON-CORRUPTIBLE monetary systems
as well and extremely important is the running advanced computers modeling money systems , cash should exist,

no TPP  or   AGENDA 2030   no    CETA
no carbon tax fraud
little to no GMO
no maritime or admiralty law
real money

undoing the nuclear madness - cleanup - transition to more clean and advanced forms of power
disclosure of prior/present Babylonian controls - law and debt notes for money - and moral replacements
legalization of drugs   DEA is almost entirely worthless and corrupt - STAY in DC lawtard bullies
whenever wherever drugs are legalized - use goes down
proper education and treating users as a medical / pyschological condition

soros , gotta cease and desist

disclosure of inner earth if it exists  - other dimensional - and extra terrestrial entities

B.A.R. cards that describe communist affiliation are wonderful for identifying those expatriates that are communists
perhaps law enforcers are getting so creepy because THATS who they work FOR ? no ? prove it ! protarded acadomized fools
revenue SCUM
freeing non violent/ie unworthy of prison   prisoners/victims

NON USE of "legalese" adverb/verb babble  the communist B.A.R.' s , and law enforcements PRE ferred language
ain't it cutsy your local vomit face slave/CITIZEN FREAK cop does'nt even know he/she is using another patented language deceptively AGAINST you !
citizen in the communist government's language is equal to slave !  f  u
these cop things need luv, leadership and a whole NEW language ie common english
as well  Is Ra Hell Israel's non sense training of  American cops , shoot first those lowly GOY needs to stop

no geoengineering without proven or near proven usefulness and safety  containment

VACCINES are dangerous and criminal   genocidal intent  harm etc

unproven and known dangerous psychiatric doping needs to stop almost entirely

cut funding/supplies to ISIS/DAESH - wipe em' out quick

public fool system needs to actually teach

plenty of desert here for CIA vomit to peacefully retire as a opium plantation lord

alot o' perps can be put to good use in un doing the harm done
like judges releasing/compensatin' many a victim, ie restoring that taken

BRILLIANT LIGHT POWER  does it take some toothless broke stinky homeless man to know about this !!!  ??????????? duh or dang
or this
     and this

"The only company in the world that can simultaneously produce renewable, carbon-free, 24/7 electrical power, energy and fresh water with one device using only the sun and water vapor" from

lets say triple dang !

The Coming War on Pedophilia link

Communitarianism: First Things First link

ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal and PIZZAGATE "FACTS"

ENDGAME II: The Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins

Cosmic Disclosure: Potential Of Human Consciousness

you own who? tell me this vomit The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican… Since 1306 !  to my face and i will kick your ass for the protection of children

still hiding the true history the true Christ
more money than god ?
CESTUI QUE VIE Trust 10-29-15

and look at the world's poverty

pope perps' because there is more than one pope currently, all a disgrace to the race



The Republic ?  re=no  public=people   = no people

most excellent concept though !


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